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Attack of the Skvoznyak!

(Alternate title: Attack of the Mutant Killer Skvoznyaks!) I want to tell a short story. With pictures. Last year, this is (very) roughly what the classroom looked like at Word of God Bible College: For some bizarre and totally inexplicable reason, Zack got sick a lot last year. Here is roughly what the classroom looks … Continue reading

If That’s Not Love, What Is?

I’ve been sick this week, with a pretty bad cough and a nose that runs more than 2 miles to school everyday. This is mostly due to me walking around too much in the cold and the rain, and has resulted in absolutely everyone I know giving me different advice: Wear a coat. Wear a … Continue reading

This Is Not The Bench You Are Looking For

From a distance, I mistook the top half of this bench for a pair of angel wings. I didn’t really know why they would be red, but such things could happen. Upon closer inspection, I found that this was definitely not the bench we were looking for. So, I have been busy. Even my weekends … Continue reading