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Pride Goeth Before the Pull-Up Bar Falls

Today was an amazing day. Church in the morning and evening, with youth group in between. We had the largest youth group that we’ve had in months (in fact, all year) and had a wonderful time of fellowship the whole afternoon. And there were brownies!

Sometime before people began to arrive at the college for evening prayer meeting, Vova and I went to do some pull-ups. Several months ago, Zak hung a bar in the doorway to the library in our college. I have tried frequently, although not quite every day, to complete my first pull-up. Until today, I was unsuccessful.

Today, I pulled myself up twice in a row. It felt great. I let go of the bar, stood back and excitedly told Vova that that was the first time in my life that I had actually completed a pull-up. Then I tried to do a third pull-up…

…and landed flat on my back. The bar had come free from the doorway. There was a very loud noise that was heard throughout the nearly-empty college as both I and the bar fell to the wooden floor. Much laughter followed. I was more surprised than hurt.

This bar has hung in that doorway nearly all school year. People weighing as much as 1.5 times as much as I do have hung from it with no problem. Vova had just done several pull-ups before me, I don’t even know how many. And then it falls when I pull on it.

Food for thought: What is the significance of that fact that it is impossible to baptize yourself? I never thought about this before today, but our evening Bible study was about baptism and this fact was brought up. What do you think?


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