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Weekly Recap – Art Critic Edition

This week has involved a lot of art. This post may end up being far too long, in which case I will simply write another post tomorrow. Lloyd Meyers has been teaching us through the prophetical books of the Bible, both Major and Minor. He had been entertaining us with some wonderful illustrations on the … Continue reading

I Met the Devil in Kiev and He Gave Me a Washing Machine

I didn’t write a week recap 2 weeks ago because there wasn’t all that much to write about. I posted two things during the week, and then didn’t feel that there was enough left to recap! This week, however, is a very different story. So many things have happened, and I want to tell you … Continue reading

The Books Were Opened

I always knew this day would come. The sad, sad parting of a nerd from his books. I have narrowed down the field to 10, these are the ones I will take with me… …Along with my laptop and kindle. So, I really have a lot more books. But these I either don’t have in … Continue reading