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I Wanted Borsch!

It’s time for a weekly recap. Monday I’ve been back in Kiev for a whole school week now. I flew in on Monday afternoon, landing around 5pm local time. There was a concert I wanted to go to at 7pm. Traffic was bad, but we had just enough time to drop off my bags at … Continue reading

Weekly Recap – Not Only Gretchka Edition

Gretchka (buckwheat) is my favorite food. I could literally eat it for every meal, or just all the time without stopping. Ok, not really. But it is very simple to prepare, relatively cheap, very healthy, and I like it. This makes for a winning combination for me, and I have had gretchka almost every single … Continue reading

Weekly Recap – Art Critic Edition

This week has involved a lot of art. This post may end up being far too long, in which case I will simply write another post tomorrow. Lloyd Meyers has been teaching us through the prophetical books of the Bible, both Major and Minor. He had been entertaining us with some wonderful illustrations on the … Continue reading

I Met the Devil in Kiev and He Gave Me a Washing Machine

I didn’t write a week recap 2 weeks ago because there wasn’t all that much to write about. I posted two things during the week, and then didn’t feel that there was enough left to recap! This week, however, is a very different story. So many things have happened, and I want to tell you … Continue reading

Week 6 Recap

This past week has been one of the most exciting for me, filled with the most opportunities for ministry and real encouragement for me. I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t had the time to write this recap sooner, but also very thankful for everything that God has had for me to do! The early … Continue reading

Week 5 Recap

It has officially been a whole week since the last time I have posted. I am sorry. And I am also not sorry. The time that has been allotted to me, I have needed to use for other things. Time management is a skill that will take me some time to master. I am reminded … Continue reading

Week 4 Recap

I did not have time to write a short post, so I wrote you a long one instead. I really should have written this recap on Saturday, but better late than never, right? My excuse last week for writing a short post was that I had a lot of reading left to do for my … Continue reading

Week 3 Recap

(I don’t have time to upload a bunch of pictures that I didn’t take this week, so instead please take this picture of my face reacting to the terrible internet I have been dealing with today.) This post will be short. I have already used up enough of my study time today trying to Skype … Continue reading

Week 2 Recap

Oi! This post is going to be long. I wish that I could have split this up into multiple posts throughout the week, but I just have not had the time/internet access to do so. I managed that one other post by Kindle, but it really is not the ideal situation. Beginning next week I … Continue reading

Week 1 Recap

I thought for a long time about whether or not to call this “Week 1”. I had thought of calling my first week of classes “Week 1” and then calling this “Week 0”. But that changed when I learned that next week is only the orientation, classes do not actually begin until Tuesday the 6th … Continue reading